• Comfortable and well-fitting jersey with a flattering neckline, specifically designed for the contours of womens body, all shapes and sizes.
  • Stretchy and lightweight fabric so you get the benefits of being able to move around on the bike without restriction. Go on try it out when you receive yours, throw yourself around and pretend you’re riding your bike, no one is watching…. Honestly!!
  • Breathable Dri-fit fabric to keep you cool when pushing your body to the limits out on the trail.
  • Length falls just above the hip at the front with a longer scooped back bringing up the rear to protect that lovely peachiness from splashes
  • Handy rear large zipped pocket with water resistant properties to stash your essentials, although not effective if you decide wear for swimming.
  • Quarter or Long sleeve just because…. That’s what we do!


Galaxy Long Sleeve Jersey

  • Inject a bit of colour into your mountain bike life with our bold patterns and bright colours and we guarantee there will never be another dull day riding again.

    If you are looking at the wonders of the sky and see yourself among the stars the ‘Galaxy’ jersey is for you.

    With its deep purple, magenta and contrasting turquoise tones you’ll be sure to be reaching for the stars before you know it!

Make Me Look Great

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